Title: Mean Streets, Author: Demetrios Matheou Pre-Order Now
Title: It's a Wonderful Life, Author: Michael Newton
Title: Rushmore, Author: Kristi Irene McKim Pre-Order Now
Title: Duck Soup, Author: J. Hoberman
Title: The Red Shoes, Author: Pamela Hutchinson Pre-Order Now
Title: The Cinema of Powell and Pressburger, Author: Nathalie Morris Pre-Order Now
Title: Eyes Wide Shut, Author: Michel Chion
Title: Lost in Translation, Author: Suzanne Ferriss
Title: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Author: Andrew Butler
Title: Point Blank, Author: Eric G Wilson
Title: La Jetee, Author: NA NA
Title: M�dchen in Uniform, Author: Barbara Mennel Pre-Order Now
Title: The Leopard (Il Gattopardo), Author: David Weir Pre-Order Now
Title: The Richard Dyer Reader, Author: Glyn Davis
Title: Cat People, Author: Kim Newman
Title: Detour, Author: Noah Isenberg
Title: Vertigo, Author: Charles Barr
Title: The Third Man, Author: NA NA
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Title: Citizen Kane, Author: L. Mulvey
Title: On Kubrick: Revised Edition, Author: James Naremore

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