Title: Silly Sam from Galapagos Land, Author: Alysen Bayles
Title: The Caterpillar and the Butterfly, Author: Michael Rosenblum
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Title: The Waterhole, Author: Cazza Sago
Title: The Adventures of Misty Raindrop, Author: Melody Osborne-Samuels
Title: Postcards for Choo Choo Grandma, Author: Philip Andreen
Title: Little Boys Like Pink Too, Author: Janice Stouffer
Title: Bean Fate, Author: James Arnett
Title: Bargains, Author: Jack Billings
Title: Absolutely Despicable!, Author: Dr. Patricia J. Vanderpool
Title: Make Your Mark, Author: Peg Marrin
Title: Reality, Author: Holly Jackson
Title: 43 Days of Reflections and Ruminations, Author: Tom Fahey
Title: Luffle McScruffle, Author: Mandy Dokie
Title: Budapest: A History of Grandeur and Catastrophe, Author: Joe Hajdu
Title: The Audacity to be Divine, Author: Judith Halbreich
Title: She Howled, Author: Anne Julia
Title: What Kind of Girl?, Author: Caroline Kautsire
Title: The Wing Man, Author: Tony Abruzzo
Title: Winston, Author: Alysen Bayles
Title: Mr. Squirrel and His Thingamajigger, Author: Regina Nay

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