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Title: Murder in St. Augustine: The Mysterious Death of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley, Author: Elizabeth Randall
Title: New York City's Hart Island: A Cemetery of Strangers, Author: Michael T. Keene
Title: The 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake, Author: Larry E. Morris
Title: A History Lover's Guide to New York City, Author: Alison Fortier
Title: Cajun Night Before Christmas®, Author: Trosclair
Title: Puerto Rican Cookery, Author: Carmen Valldejuli
Hardcover $23.95 $26.95 Current price is $23.95, Original price is $26.95.
Title: See You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition, Author: Zig Ziglar
Hardcover $23.99 $27.00 Current price is $23.99, Original price is $27.00.
Title: Redneck Night Before Christmas, Author: David Davis
Title: South Dakota's Mathis Murders: Horror in the Heartland, Author: Noel Hamiel
Title: Daughter of the White River:: Depression-Era Treachery and Vengeance in the Arkansas Delta, Author: Denise White Parkinson
Title: Six Miles to Charleston: The True Story of John and Lavinia Fisher, Author: Bruce Orr
Title: Abandoned New Mexico: Ghost Towns, Endangered Architecture, and Hidden History, Author: John M. Mulhouse
Title: The WVU Coed Murders: Who Killed Mared and Karen?, Author: Geoffrey C. Fuller
Title: A History Lover's Guide to Chicago, Author: Greg Borzo
Title: Andy Griffith's Manteo: His Real Mayberry, Author: John Railey
Title: Wildsam Field Guides: Los Angeles, Author: Taylor Bruce
Paperback $18.00 $20.00 Current price is $18.00, Original price is $20.00.
Title: Legacy of the New Farmers of America, Author: Antoine J. Alston
Title: The Lost Colony Murder on the Outer Banks: Seeking Justice for Brenda Joyce Holland, Author: John Railey
Title: The Tragic Sinking of Gloucester's Patriot, Author: Captain W. Russell Webster
Title: Abandoned Chicago: Decay in the Windy City, Author: Alison Doshen

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