Title: Middlemarch
Director: Anthony Page
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Title: Bill/Bill: on His Own
Title: The Lady Vanishes
Director: Anthony Page
Title: Grace Kelly
Director: Anthony Page
Title: My Zinc Bed
Director: Anthony Page
Title: George Eliot Collection
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Title: John Jebb and the Enlightenment Origins of British Radicalism, Author: Anthony Page
Title: Britain and the Seventy Years War, 1744-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution and Empire, Author: Anthony Page
Title: Blackstone and His Critics, Author: Anthony Page
Title: The Monster We Defied: A Son's Alzheimer's Recital, Author: Jean Boles
Title: Dark Psychology: The Secrets and Techniques of Manipulation, NLP, Body Language, Mind Control, and How to Analyze and Read People. Detect and Defend Yourself from the Manipulated, Author: Anthony Page