Title: Coco
Director: Lee Unkrich
Title: Oblivion [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack], Artist: Anthony Gonzalez
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Title: A Dog Named Trouble...Goes to a Forever Home, Author: Anthony Gonzalez
Title: Little Brown Boy: You Can Do All You Set Your Mind To, Author: Robert Marshall
Title: Pursuit, Author: Robert Anthony Gonzalez
Title: The Smoke Monster, Author: Christian Anthony Gonzalez
Title: Confessions of a Man: The Evolution of a Playa, Author: Anthony Gonzalez
Title: Cuban-American Haikus: A Bilingual, Bicultural Adventure of Poetry, Wit, and Nostalgia, Author: Luis Anthony Gonzalez
Title: Wisdom of the Marx Brothers: Life Lessons from Groucho, Chico, and Harpo, Author: Luis Anthony Gonzalez