Title: No Police Like Holmes, Author: Dan Andriacco
Title: The Best of Pointless Conversations, Author: Scott Tierney
Title: 50 Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Harry Potter, Author: Archie Thomas
Title: Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of The Magic Umbrella, Author: Dan Andriacco
Title: Harry Potter - The Ultimate Book of Facts, Author: Jack Goldstein
Title: The Revengers, Author: Dan Andriacco
Title: All the Lonely People (Harry Devlin Series #1), Author: Martin Edwards
Title: The Conan Doyle Notes: The Secret of Jack The Ripper, Author: Diane Gilbert Madsen
Title: Harry Potter - The Complete Quiz Book, Author: Frankie Taylor
Title: 101 More Amazing Harry Potter Facts, Author: Jack Goldstein
Title: Mastering the Commodore 64, Author: Mark Greenshields
Title: 101 Amazing Facts about J.K. Rowling: ...and Harry Potter, Author: Holger Weßling
Title: Mapp and Lucia, Author: E. F. Benson
Title: Star Trek: Enterprise - The Ultimate Quiz Book: Questions from the voyages of the first Enterprise, Author: Mike Dugdale
Title: 50 Quick Facts about Arizona, Author: Wayne Wheelwright
Title: Swords of El Cid:
Title: The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Part XI: Some Untold Cases (1880-1901), Author: David Marcum
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Title: The Ultimate Movie Quote Quiz Book: 420 Questions!, Author: Jack Goldstein
Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Three Monks, Author: Johanna M. Rieke
Title: Loonyology, Author: Charles Bronson

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