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Title: Lost Restaurants of Fairfield, Author: Patricia Woods
Title: Distilled in Oregon: A History & Guide with Cocktail Recipes, Author: Scott Stursa
Title: East Tennessee Beer: A Fermented History, Author: Aaron Carson
Title: New Mexico Wine: An Enchanting History, Author: Donna Blake Birchell
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Title: Classic Food and Restaurants of the Upper Peninsula, Author: Russell M. Magnaghi
Title: A Culinary History of the Chesapeake Bay: Four Centuries of Food and Recipes, Author: Tangie Holifield
Title: California Vines, Wines & Pioneers, Author: Sherry Monahan
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Title: The Sizzling History of Miami Cuisine: Cortaditos, Stone Crabs and Empanadas, Author: Mandy Baca
Title: Lost Restaurants of Miami, Author: Seth H. Bramson
Title: North Jersey Beer: A Brewing History from Princeton to Sparta, Author: Chris Morris
Title: Phoenix Beer: A History Rising to New Peaks, Author: Dave Clark
Title: Bay Area Coffee: A Stimulating History, Author: Monika Trobits
Title: Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook: Houston Edition, Volume 1, Author: Tiffany Harelik
Title: Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean, Author: Sam Irwin
Title: Virginia Honey: A Sweet History, Author: Virginia C. Johnson
Title: Cincinnati Candy: A Sweet History, Author: Dann Woellert
Title: Iconic Hollywood Dishes, Drinks & Desserts, Author: Amy Bizzarri
Title: The History of Diners in New Jersey, Author: Michael C. Gabriele
Title: Lost Restaurants of Tucson, Author: Rita Connelly
Title: Jacksonville Food Trucks: Stories & Recipes from the Road, Author: Nancy White

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