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Title: Classic Restaurants of Summit County, Author: Sharon Moreland Myers
Title: Historic Austin Restaurants: Capital Cuisine through the Generations, Author: Melanie Haupt PhD
Title: Historic Restaurants of Washington, D.C.:: Capital Eats, Author: John DeFerrari
Title: Cincinnati Beer, Author: Michael D. Morgan
Title: Prohibition in Southwestern Michigan, Author: Norma Lewis
Title: Southern Breads: Recipes, Stories and Traditions, Author: Marilyn Markel
Title: Virginia Barbecue: A History, Author: Joseph R. Haynes
Title: Distilled in Vermont: A History & Guide with Cocktail Recipes, Author: Chris Maggiolo
Title: Milwaukee Frozen Custard, Author: Kathleen McCann & Robert Tanzilo
Title: Lost Restaurants of Providence, Author: David Norton Stone
Title: Lost Restaurants of the Outer Banks and Their Recipes, Author: Amy Pollard Gaw
Title: Kansas City Beer: A History of Brewing in the Heartland, Author: Pete Dulin
Title: Historic Restaurants of Billings, Author: Stella Fong
Title: A Culinary History of West Virginia: From Ramps to Pepperoni Rolls, Author: Shannon Colaianni Tinnell
Title: The History of Texas Wine: From Spanish Roots to Rising Star, Author: Katherine Crain
Title: St. Louis Coffee: A Stimulating History, Author: Deborah Reinhardt Pre-Order Now
Title: Pennsylvania Scrapple: A Delectable History, Author: Amy Strauss
Title: Classic Restaurants of Des Moines and Their Recipes, Author: Darcy Dougherty-Maulsby
Title: Classic Restaurants of Alexandria, Author: Hope Nelson
Title: Charlotte Beer: A History of Brewing in the Queen City, Author: Daniel Anthony Hartis

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