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Title: Food, Drink and Celebrations of the Hudson Valley Dutch, Author: Peter G. Rose
Title: Barberton Fried Chicken: An Ohio Original, Author: Ronald Koltnow
Title: The Authentic History of Cincinnati Chili, Author: Dann Woellert
Title: A History of Howard Johnson's: How a Massachusetts Soda Fountain Became an American Icon, Author: Anthony Mitchell Sammarco
Title: Brunswick Stew: A Virginia Tradition, Author: Joseph R. Haynes
Title: Lost Restaurants of Omaha, Author: Kim Reiner
Title: Cajun Pig, Author: Dixie Poché
Title: Prohibition in the Upper Peninsula: Booze & Bootleggers on the Border, Author: Russell M. Magnaghi
Title: Classic Restaurants of Chapel Hill and Orange County, Author: Chris Holaday
Title: Lost Restaurants of Fort Lauderdale, Author: Todd L. Bothel
Title: Distilled in Oregon: A History & Guide with Cocktail Recipes, Author: Scott Stursa
Title: Grand Rapids Food: A Culinary Revolution, Author: Lisa Rose Starner
Title: Classic Restaurants of Summit County, Author: Sharon Moreland Myers
Title: A Culinary History of the Nebraska Sand Hills: Recipes & Recollections from Prairie Kitchens, Author: Christianna Reinhardt
Title: A Culinary History of Myrtle Beach & the Grand Strand: Fish & Grits, Oyster Roasts and Boiled Peanuts, Author: Becky Billingsley
Title: A Culinary History of the Great Black Swamp: Buckeye Candy, Bratwurst and Apple Butter, Author: Nathan Crook
Title: Western North Carolina Beer: A Mountain Brew History, Author: Anne Fitten Glenn
Title: Forgotten Maryland Cocktails:: 15 Historic Recipe Cards, Author: Gregory Priebe
Title: Cincinnati Food: A History of Queen City Cuisine, Author: Polly Campbell
Title: Lost Restaurants of Fairfield, California, Author: Tony Wade Pre-Order Now

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