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Title: Chesapeake Oysters: The Bay's Foundation and Future, Author: Kate Livie
Title: Classic Restaurants of Oklahoma City, Author: David Cathey
Title: Classic Eateries of Cajun Country, Louisiana, Author: Dixie Poche
Title: Boston Beer: A History of Brewing in the Hub, Author: Norman Miller
Title: Iconic Restaurants of Kansas City, Author: Andrea Broomfield
Title: Southern Breads: Recipes, Stories and Traditions, Author: Marilyn Markel
Title: Ohio Ice Cream: A Scoop of History, Author: Renee Casteel Cook
Title: Historic Austin Restaurants: Capital Cuisine through the Generations, Author: Melanie Haupt PhD
Title: The Milders Inn of Fairfield, Ohio: Gangsters, Baseball & Fried Chicken, Author: Teri Horsley
Title: Hudson Valley Wine: A History of Taste & Terroir, Author: Tessa Edick
Title: A Culinary History of Pittsburg County: Little Italy, Choctaw Beer and Lamb Fries, Author: David Cathey
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Title: New Mexico Chiles: History, Legend and Lore, Author: Kelly Culler (Urig)
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Title: Long Island Food, New York, Author: T.W. Barritt
Title: Upper Hudson Valley Beer, Author: Craig Gravina
Title: Richmond Beer: A History of Brewing in the River City, Author: Lee Graves
Title: Classic Restaurants of Summit County, Author: Sharon Moreland Myers
Title: Iconic San Francisco Dishes, Drinks & Desserts, Author: Laura Smith Borrman
Title: A Culinary History of Cape May: Salt Oysters, Beach Plums & Cabernet Franc, Author: John Howard-Fusco
Title: Historic Restaurants of Cape Cod, Author: Christopher Setterlund
Title: Green Bay Beer: A History of the Craft, Author: Cameron Teske

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