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Title: Boston Beer: A History of Brewing in the Hub, Author: Norman Miller
Title: Jersey Shore Food History:: Victorian Feasts to Boardwalk Treats, Author: Karen L. Schnitzspahn
Title: Savannah Food: A Delicious History, Author: Stu Card
Title: Asheville Food: A History of High Country Cuisine, Author: Rick McDaniel
Title: Western Colorado Fruit & Wine: A Bountiful History, Author: Jodi Buchan
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Title: Arkansas Beer: An Intoxicating History, Author: Brian Sorensen
Title: Columbus Pizza: A Slice of History, Author: Jim Ellison
Title: Classic Eateries of the Arkansas Delta, Author: Kat Robinson
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Title: Vermont Prohibition: Teetotalers, Bootleggers & Corruption, Author: Adam Krakowski
Title: Seasons in a Vermont Vineyard: The Shelburne Vineyard Cookbook, Author: Lisa Cassell-Arms
Title: Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England: From Flips & Rattle-Skulls to Switchel & Spruce Beer, Author: Corin Hirsch
Title: Prohibition in Atlanta: Temperance, Tiger Kings & White Lightning, Author: Ron Smith
Title: Classic Restaurants of Milwaukee, Author: Jennifer Billock
Title: Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History of the Cajun Crustacean, Author: Sam Irwin
Title: The History of Diners in New Jersey, Author: Michael C. Gabriele
Title: Classic Restaurants of The Region: Northwest Indiana's All-Time Favorite Eats, Author: Jane Simon Ammeson
Title: Green Bay Beer: A History of the Craft, Author: Cameron Teske
Title: Arizona Chimichangas, Author: Rita Connelly
Title: Findlay Market of Cincinnati: A History, Author: Alyssa McClanahan
Title: Finger Lakes Wine and the Legacy of Dr. Konstantin Frank, Author: Tom Russ

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