Title: Bulfinch's Mythology (Illustrated): The Age of Fable-The Age of Chivalry-Legends of Charlemagne complete in one volume, Author: Thomas Bulfinch
Title: Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, Author: Thomas Troward
Title: The Kabbalah Unveiled: Containing the following Books of the Zohar: The Book of Concealed Mystery; The Greater Holy Assembly; The Lesser Holy Assembly, Author: S.L. Macgregor Mathers
Title: Ulysses, Author: James Joyce
Title: The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic And Practical Basis Of The Religion Of The Aquarian Age Of The World And Of The Church Universal, Author: Levi H. Dowling
Title: Demonology and Devil-lore: VOLUME II. The Devil. Annotated and Illustrated, Author: Moncure Daniel Conway
Title: Demonology and Devil-lore: VOLUME I. Annotated and Illustrated, Author: Moncure Daniel Conway
Title: The Life of the Bee: Nobel prize in Literature, Author: Maurice Maeterlinck
Title: The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar, Author: Maurice Leblanc
Title: Veda^nta Philosophy: Lectures on Jna^na Yoga. Part I.: Veda^nta Philosophy: Jna^na Yoga. Part II. Seven Lectures. (2 Books in One), Author: Swâmi Vivekânanda
Title: Fragments of a Faith Forgotten: Some Short Sketches Among The Gnostics, Mainly Of The First Two Centuries: A Contribution To The Study Of Christian Origins Based On The Most Recently Recovered Materials, Author: G.R.S. Mead
Title: The Epic of Gilgamesh: Two Texts: An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic-A Fragment of the Gilgamesh Legend in Old-Babylonian Cuneiform, Author: Albert T. Clay
Title: The Devil's Dictionary Illustrated, Author: Ambrose Bierce
Title: Proofs of A Conspiracy: against all the religions and governments of Europe, carried on in the Secret meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies, collected from good authorities, Author: John Robison
Title: Aesop's Fables, Author: Aesop
Title: The Knights Templars: The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple, Author: Charles G. Addison
Title: A Journal of the Plague Year: The Black Death, Author: Daniel Defoe
Title: Theosophy: An Introduction to the Supersensible Knowledge of the World and the Destination of Man, Author: Rudolf Steiner
Title: The Myths of Greece and Rome: Illustrated, Author: H. A. Guerber
Title: The essentials of Mysticism: And other essays, Author: Evelyn UNDERHILL

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