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Title: On a Steel Horse I Ride: A History of the MH-53 Pave Low Helicopters in War and Peace, Author: Air University Press
Title: The United States Strategic Bombing Surveys, Author: Air University Press
Title: Performance of American POWs in the Vietnam War: Adequate Training or Creative Leadership?, Author: Air University Press
Title: No Sense Dwelling in the Past: The Fate of the US Air Force's German Air Force Monograph Project, 1952-1969, Author: Ryan Shaughnessy
Title: From the Mind to the Feet: Assessing the Perception-To-Intent-To-Action Dynamic, Author: Lawrence A. Kuznar
Title: Reflections of a Technocrat: Managing Defense, Air, and Space Programs during the Cold War, Author: John L. McLucas
Title: Technology and Military Doctrine: Essays on a Challenging Relationship, Author: I B Holley
Title: Circling the Earth: United States Plans for a Postwar Overseas Military Base System, 1942-1948, Author: Elliott Converse
Title: Bombing the European Axis Powers: A Historical Digest of the Combined Bomber Offensive 1939-1945 Part 1 of 2, Author: Air University Press
Title: The Quest for Relevant Air Power: Continental European Responses to the Air Power Challenges of the Post-Cold War Era, Author: Christian F. Anrig
Title: Responsibility of Command: How UN and NATO Commanders Influenced Airpower over Bosnia, Author: Mark A Bucknam
Title: Anzus in Revision - Changing Defense Features of Australia and New Zealand in the Mid-1980's, Author: Air University Press
Title: Setup: What the Air Force Did in Vietnam and Why, Author: Earl H. Tilford
Title: Inside the Cold War - A Cold Warrior's Reflections, Author: Air University Press
Title: A-10s Over Kosovo: The Victory of Airpower over a Fielded Army as Told by Airmen Who Fought in Operation Allied Force, Author: Phil M. Haun
Title: Biplanes and Bombsights: British Bombing in World War I, Author: George G. Williams
Title: Airpower Leadership on the Front Line, Author: Douglas A. Cox
Title: Deterrence in the Twenty-first Century: Conference Proceedings, London 18-19 May, 2009, Author: Royal United Services Institute
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Title: Attitudes Aren'T Free, Author: Air University Press
Title: War in El Salvador; The Policies of President Reagan and The Lessons Learned for Today, Author: Air University Press

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