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Title: Bill Russell: A Biography, Author: Murry R. Nelson
Title: The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership, Author: Joelle K. Jay
Title: The School Library Manager: Surviving and Thriving, 6th Edition / Edition 6, Author: Blanche Woolls
Title: Paul Newman: A Biography, Author: Marian Edelman Borden
Title: Children's Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide, 3rd Edition / Edition 3, Author: Sylvia M. Vardell
Title: The Columbian Exchange: Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492, 30th Anniversary Edition / Edition 30, Author: Alfred W. Crosby Jr.
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Title: The Organization of Information, 4th Edition / Edition 4, Author: Daniel N. Joudrey
Title: Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Biography, Author: Eric Fretz
Title: Librarian's Guide to Online Searching: Cultivating Database Skills for Research and Instruction, 6th Edition, Author: Christopher C. Brown
Title: Library Services for Adults in the 21st Century, Author: Elsie Okobi
Title: Culture and Customs of Nigeria, Author: Toyin Falola
Title: Put Your Dreams Away: A Frank Sinatra Discography, Author: Luiz Carlo Nascimento Silva
Title: Changing the Way We Manage Change / Edition 1, Author: Ronald R. Sims
Title: Emiliano Zapata: A Biography, Author: Albert Rolls
Title: Art and Crime: Exploring the Dark Side of the Art World, Author: Noah Charney
Title: Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice / Edition 1, Author: David Galula
Title: Triumphs and Tragedies of the Modern Congress: Case Studies in Legislative Leadership, Author: Maxmillian Angerholzer III
Title: Building Parent Engagement in Schools, Author: Larry Ferlazzo
Title: Mindful School Libraries: Creating and Sustaining Nurturing Spaces and Programs, Author: Wendy Stephens
Title: Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World: Britain, Ireland, Europe, and America, Author: John A. Wagner

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