Title: The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Making of AfricaTown, USA: Spirit of Our Ancestors, Author: Natalie S. Robertson
Title: The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership, Author: Joelle K. Jay
Title: Building Parent Engagement in Schools, Author: Larry Ferlazzo
Paperback $38.80 $40.00 Current price is $38.80, Original price is $40.00.
Title: The Organization of Information, 4th Edition / Edition 4, Author: Daniel N. Joudrey
Title: Reference and Information Services: An Introduction, 6th Edition, Author: Melissa A. Wong
Title: Young Adult Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide, 3rd Edition / Edition 3, Author: Rose Brock
Title: Celebrating Cuentos: Promoting Latino Children's Literature and Literacy in Classrooms and Libraries, Author: Jamie Campbell Naidoo
Title: Psychology of Champions: How to Win at Sports and Life with the Focus Edge of Super-Athletes, Author: James J. Barrell
Title: Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Biography, Author: Eric Fretz
Title: Harriet Tubman: A Biography, Author: James A. McGowan
Title: Yo-Yo Ma: A Biography, Author: Jim Whiting
Title: Diana, Princess of Wales: A Biography, Author: Martin Gitlin
Title: Encyclopedia of Russian and Slavic Myth and Legend, Author: Mike Dixon-Kennedy
Title: Children's Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide, 3rd Edition / Edition 3, Author: Sylvia M. Vardell
Title: Politics of Conscience: A Biography of Margaret Chase Smith, Author: Patricia Ward Wallace
Title: Intelligence Analysis: How to Think in Complex Environments, Author: Wayne Michael Hall
Title: Catalytic Coaching: The End of the Performance Review, Author: Garold L. Markle
Title: Elena Kagan: A Biography, Author: Meg Greene
Title: Walt Disney: A Biography, Author: Louise Krasniewicz
Title: The Columbian Exchange: Biological and Cultural Consequences of 1492, 30th Anniversary Edition / Edition 30, Author: Alfred W. Crosby Jr.
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