Title: Stepping into a New Role: Stories from Stepmoms, Author: Shawn Simon
Title: Forty Winks, Author: Nancy Allen
Title: The Marshmallow Man, Author: Rena Jones
Title: Walking Through Walls, Author: Karen Cioffi
Title: Kimmy Finds Her Key, Author: Wayne Harris-Wyrick
Title: Willard the Dragon: Sneeze-Fire, Author: Suzanne Cordatos
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Title: Louie Finds a Friend: A Louie the Duck Story, Author: Vivian Zabel
Title: Gunther the Underwater Elephant, Author: Ginger Nielson
Title: A Distant Summer, Author: Mike McNair
Title: Pahutchae's Pouch, Author: vehoae
Title: The Case of the Plastic Rings: The Adventures of Planetman, Author: Karen Cioffi
Title: H.P.? Who's He?, Author: Patricia Karwatowicz
Title: Tumbleweed Christmas, Author: Beverly Stowe McClure
Title: Borrowed Time, Author: Rita Durrett
Title: Wave Excitement (A Louie the Duck Story): A Louie the Duck Story, Author: Vivian Zabel
Title: Peabody Pond, Author: Brian J. Heinz
Title: Burnt Offering, Author: Vivian Zabel
Title: Jasper's Giant Imagination: I'm Sick, Author: Laura J. Wellington
Title: The Sad Little Wildflower, Author: Yvonne M. Morgan
Title: Rey Antonio and Rey Feo: Rey Antonio y el Rey Feo, Author: Kena Sosa

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