Aaron showed up promptly at seven o’clock the next morning. With the hot, dry wind whistling over the land, the wheat was ready to go much earlier than in humid summers. Brown grass crunched under his work-worn cowboy boots. He…Read more

A Royal Hidden Among Us  ��MINNESOTA DAILY  SOMETHING BEEPED IN my room and I groaned. I rolled over, thinking it was probably just the e-mail notification on my phone, but it beeped again. Without opening my eyes, I felt along…Read more

Were you at Lady Danbury’s ball last night? If not, shame on you. You missed witnessing quite the most remarkable coup of the season. It was clear to all partygoers, and especially to This Author, that Miss Daphne Bridgerton has…Read more

When Gayle Mitchell agreed to a live interview in her office, she hadn’t expected her life to fall apart in such a spectacular fashion in front of an audience of millions. She was used to giving interviews and had no…Read more

Sydney  The news is good, or I think it is, until the partners tell me they’ll revisit my employment after my ridiculous case is over.  No pressure.  “I’m totally committed to the firm,” I tell them. “It’s just that . . . I…Read more

Although Cassandra was tired after the excitement and bustle of Pandora’s wedding, she couldn’t seem to relax sufficiently to take a nap. Her thoughts were restless, her mind running in place. By now, Pandora and Lord St. Vincent had probably…Read more

When Snow Falls

When Snow Falls

Brenda Novak

Joe was the last person Cheyenne wanted to see. Whether he was aware of her aborted attempt to spy on him last night or not, she was embarrassed about her behavior, afraid that he’d see through her, and she didn’t…Read more

Ivy put her hands on her hips and stared up at the cabinet in the garage. “Now, where were we before our neighbor called the police on a guest?”  Shelly laughed. “Poor Nick, we should probably comp him a night.…Read more

4  Fenella  Present Day  FEN CAUGHT THE last train from London Paddington to Hungerford. Swindon station would have been much closer, but there was a bus replacement service yet again for part of the journey and she did not relish…Read more