4  Fenella  Present Day  FEN CAUGHT THE last train from London Paddington to Hungerford. Swindon station would have been much closer, but there was a bus replacement service yet again for part of the journey and she did not relish…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Dwight Cleveland Montrose was a lithe, lean man, his face a seasoned leather, the brownness of it set off by the snow-white hair, the bristling grayness of the mustache, the heavy eyebrows that were exclamation points above the bright eyes…Read more

Mysteries & Thrillers

I ONLY KNEW WHAT ANGELA Thompson looked like from a picture Bob Campbell had left with me when he said his good friend—Angela’s ex-husband—had been killed while out riding his bike.  I met her at Barrington’s, a restaurant downtown for…Read more