Title: Eurekas and Euphorias: The Oxford Book of Scientific Anecdotes, Author: Walter Gratzer
Title: Academic Conversations: Classroom Talk that Fosters Critical Thinking and Content Understandings / Edition 1, Author: Jeff Zwiers
Paperback from $24.67 $38.95 Current price is $24.67, Original price is $38.95.
Title: Being No One: The Self-Model Theory of Subjectivity, Author: Thomas Metzinger
Title: Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies You Can Incorporate Into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition, Study Skills, and Motivation / Edition 1, Author: Saundra Yancy McGuire
Title: How the Mind Works, Author: Steven Pinker
Title: Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines, Author: Richard A. Muller
Paperback from $12.35 $17.95 Current price is $12.35, Original price is $17.95.
Title: How the Special Needs Brain Learns / Edition 3, Author: David A. Sousa
Title: Not Even Wrong: The Failure of String Theory and the Search for Unity in Physical Law for Unity in Physical Law, Author: Peter Woit
Title: Signals, Sound, and Sensation / Edition 1, Author: William M. Hartmann
Title: Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology: An Integrative Handbook of the Mind, Author: Daniel J. Siegel M.D.
Title: Four Laws That Drive the Universe, Author: Peter Atkins
Title: Science-Mart: Privatizing American Science, Author: Philip Mirowski
Title: Facing Up: Science and Its Cultural Adversaries, Author: Steven Weinberg
Title: The Analogical Mind: Perspectives from Cognitive Science, Author: Dedre Gentner
Title: Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind: 16 Essential Characteristics for Success, Author: Bena Kallick
Title: The Man Who Tasted Shapes, revised edition / Edition 2, Author: Richard E. Cytowic
Title: The Two Cultures / Edition 1, Author: C. P. Snow
Title: Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe / Edition 1, Author: Peter D. Ward
Title: The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction / Edition 2, Author: Trevor Hastie
Explore Series
Hardcover from $59.40 $84.99 Current price is $59.40, Original price is $84.99.
Title: The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest for What Makes Us Human, Author: V. S. Ramachandran
Paperback from $11.94 $17.95 Current price is $11.94, Original price is $17.95.

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