Title: Creole: The History and Legacy of Louisiana's Free People of Color / Edition 1, Author: Sybil Kein
Title: Conversations with James Baldwin / Edition 1, Author: Fred R. Standley
Title: Phenomenology of Chicana Experience and Identity: Communication and Transformation in Praxis / Edition 1, Author: Jacqueline M. Martinez
Title: Zora Neale Hurston: An Annotated Bibliography and Reference Guide, Author: Rose P. Davis
Title: The Mask of Art: Breaking the Aesthetic Contract-Film and Literature, Author: Clyde R. Taylor
Title: Melville's Short Novels: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Herman Melville
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Title: McTeague: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 2, Author: Frank Norris
Title: Harlem Renaissance / Edition 2, Author: Nathan Irvin Huggins
Title: Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right, Author: Jennifer Burns
Title: The Black Arts Movement: Literary Nationalism in the 1960s and 1970s / Edition 1, Author: James Smethurst
Title: American Renaissance: Art and Expression in the Age of Emerson and Whitman / Edition 1, Author: F. O. Matthiessen
Title: Leaves of Grass and Other Writings: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Walt Whitman
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Title: The Cambridge Companion to Sylvia Plath, Author: Jo Gill
Title: Regeneration Through Violence: The Mythology of the American Frontier, 1600-1860, Author: Richard Slotkin
Title: The Jim Dilemma: Reading Race in Huckleberry Finn / Edition 1, Author: Jocelyn A. Chadwick
Title: The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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Title: American Gothic: An Anthology from Salem Witchcraft to H. P. Lovecraft / Edition 2, Author: Charles L. Crow
Title: Free within Ourselves: The Development of African American Children's Literature, Author: Rudine Sims Bishop
Title: My Life and An Era: The Autobiography of Buck Colbert Franklin, Author: John Hope Franklin

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