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Title: Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement, Author: Kimberle Crenshaw
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Title: The Story of Christianity: Volume 2: The Reformation to the Present Day / Edition 2, Author: Justo L. Gonzalez
Title: The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate Courts / Edition 3, Author: Bryan A. Garner
Title: Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual / Edition 4, Author: John Boston
Title: To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right, Author: Joyce Lee Malcolm
Title: 29 CFR 1926 OSHA Construction Industry Regulations, Author: Office of the Federal Register
Title: The Common Law, Author: Jr. Wendell Oliver Holmes
Title: Thinking Like a Lawyer: A New Introduction to Legal Reasoning, Author: Frederick Schauer
Title: Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Seven, Author: Jon Wiener
Title: Surveying the Courtroom: A Land Expert's Guide to Evidence and Civil Procedure / Edition 2, Author: John Briscoe
Title: Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage / Edition 3, Author: Paul Ekman
Title: Representing People with Mental Disabilities: A Practical Guide for Criminal Defense Lawyers: A Practical Guide for Criminal Defense Lawyers, Author: Elizabeth Kelley
Title: How Judges Think, Author: Richard A. Posner
Title: Psychology and Law: Bridging the Gap / Edition 1, Author: David Canter
Title: The Dreyfus Affair in French Society and Politics / Edition 1, Author: Eric Cahm
Title: Arator: Being a Series of Agricultural Essays, Practical and Political: In Sixty-One Numbers / Edition 1, Author: John Taylor of Caroline
Title: Operation Gatekeeper and Beyond: The War On
Title: Alaska Natives and American Laws: Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: David S. Case
Title: Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life / Edition 1, Author: Giorgio Agamben
Title: The Rhetoric of Reaction: Perversity, Futility, Jeopardy / Edition 1, Author: Albert O. Hirschman

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