Title: Music and Urban Geography / Edition 1, Author: Adam Krims
Title: Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction / Edition 1, Author: Andrew E. G. Jonas
Title: Delivering Sustainable Competitiveness: Revisiting the organising capacity of cities / Edition 1, Author: Luís Carvalho
Title: Cities In Space: City as Place / Edition 3, Author: Prof David Herbert
Title: Remotely-Sensed Cities / Edition 1, Author: Victor Mesev
Title: Making Urban Theory: Learning and Unlearning through Southern Cities / Edition 1, Author: Mary Lawhon
Title: The Black Metropolis in the Twenty-First Century: Race, Power, and Politics of Place, Author: Robert D. Bullard
Title: The Urban Geography Reader / Edition 1, Author: NICK FYFE
Title: Urban Ethnic Encounters: The Spatial Consequences / Edition 1, Author: Freek Colombijn
Title: The Exposed City: Mapping the Urban Invisibles / Edition 1, Author: Nadia Amoroso
Title: Urban Geography: A Global Perspective / Edition 3, Author: Michael Pacione
Title: Globalizing Cities: A New Spatial Order? / Edition 1, Author: Peter Marcuse
Title: Cultural Landscapes of Post-Socialist Cities: Representation of Powers and Needs / Edition 1, Author: Mariusz Czepczynski
Title: Integrated Land Use and Environmental Models: A Survey of Current Applications and Research / Edition 1, Author: Subhrajit Guhathakurta
Title: The Ecological City: Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity / Edition 1, Author: Rutherford H. Platt
Title: Urban Theory Beyond the West: A World of Cities / Edition 1, Author: Tim Edensor
Title: Geography, History and Social Sciences / Edition 1, Author: Georges B. Benko
Title: Landscapes of the Ethnic Economy / Edition 1, Author: David H. Kaplan Kent State University
Title: Geographies of Disability / Edition 1, Author: Brendan Gleeson
Title: Making Sense of Cities: A geographical survey / Edition 1, Author: Blair Badcock

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