Title: The Secular Scripture: A Study of the Structure of Romance, Author: Northrop Frye
Title: Religious Nationalism: Hindus and Muslims in India / Edition 1, Author: Peter van der Veer
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Title: Mimesis and Its Romantic Reflections, Author: Frederick Burwick
Title: Romanticism and Slave Narratives: Transatlantic Testimonies, Author: Helen Thomas
Title: The Triumph of Venus: The Erotics of the Market / Edition 1, Author: Jeanne Lorraine Schroeder
Title: Romanticism, Literature and Philosophy: Expressive Rationality in Rousseau, Kant, Wollstonecraft and Contemporary Theory / Edition 1, Author: Simon Swift
Title: Romanticism and Popular Culture in Britain and Ireland, Author: Philip Connell
Title: The Melodramatic Imagination: Balzac, Henry James, Melodrama, and the Mode of Excess / Edition 2, Author: Peter Brooks
Title: Romancing the Market / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Brown
Title: Romanticism: A Literary and Cultural History / Edition 1, Author: Carmen Casaliggi
Title: Reconstructing Dixie: Race, Gender, and Nostalgia in the Imagined South / Edition 1, Author: Tara McPherson
Title: Romanticism and Politics, 1789-1832 / Edition 1, Author: Carol Bolton
Title: Leading a Human Life: Wittgenstein, Intentionality, and Romanticism / Edition 2, Author: Richard Eldridge
Title: Origins of Narrative: The Romantic Appropriation of the Bible, Author: Stephen Prickett
Title: A Companion to European Romanticism / Edition 1, Author: Michael Ferber
Title: Romanticism and Philosophy: Thinking with Literature / Edition 1, Author: Sophie Laniel-Musitelli
Title: Romanticism, Pragmatism and Deconstruction / Edition 1, Author: Kathleen Wheeler
Title: The Persistence of Romanticism: Essays in Philosophy and Literature / Edition 1, Author: Richard Eldridge
Title: Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity, Author: Michael Löwy
Title: The Romanticism of Contemporary Theory: Institution, Aesthetics, Nihilism / Edition 1, Author: Justin Clemens

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