Title: Principles of the Carriage of Goods by Sea / Edition 1, Author: Paul Todd
Title: Illustrated Dictionary of Cargo Handling / Edition 4, Author: Peter Brodie
Title: The Healy Lectures: 2005-2015 / Edition 1, Author: John Kimball
Title: Maritime Fraud and Piracy / Edition 2, Author: Paul Todd
Title: Means of Transportation and Registration of Nationality: Transportation Registered by International Organizations / Edition 1, Author: Vincent P. Cogliati-Bantz
Title: The Law of Marine Collision / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas J. Healy
Title: Modern Aspects Of The Laws Of Naval Warfare And Maritime Neutrality / Edition 1, Author: George P. Politakis
Title: Dispute Settlement in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Author: Natalie Klein
Title: Cases and Materials on the Carriage of Goods by Sea / Edition 5, Author: Anthony Rogers
Title: International Watercourses Law for the 21st Century: The Case of the River Ganges Basin / Edition 1, Author: Surya P.Subedi
Title: Commentary on the Law of Prize and Booty, Author: Hugo Grotius
Title: Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice / Edition 5, Author: Nigel Meeson
Title: Governing Global Networks: International Regimes for Transportation and Communications / Edition 1, Author: Mark W. Zacher
Title: Vietnam and the South China Sea: Politics, Security and Legality / Edition 1, Author: Do Thanh Hai
Title: The Antarctic Treaty Regime: Law, Environment and Resources, Author: Gillian D. Triggs
Title: International Maritime Conventions (Volume 3): Protection of the Marine Environment / Edition 1, Author: Francesco Berlingieri
Title: Law of Tug, Tow, and Pilotage / Edition 3, Author: Alex L. Parks
Title: Marine Cargo Insurance / Edition 2, Author: John Dunt
Title: Protecting the Polar Marine Environment: Law and Policy for Pollution Prevention, Author: Davor Vidas
Title: The Free Sea / Edition 1, Author: Hugo Grotius

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