Title: Deceit, Desire, and the Novel: Self and Other in Literary Structure / Edition 1, Author: René Girard
Title: On the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition, and Fiction, Author: Brian Boyd
Title: The Work of Fiction: Cognition, Culture, and Complexity / Edition 1, Author: Ellen Spolsky
Title: Literature: Craft and Voice (Volume 3, Drama) / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas Delbanco
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Title: The Novel, Volume 1: History, Geography, and Culture, Author: Franco Moretti
Title: Novels and the Sociology of the Contemporary / Edition 1, Author: Arpad Szakolczai
Title: Emotions through Literature: Fictional Narratives, Society and the Emotional Self / Edition 1, Author: Mariano Longo
Title: Picaresque Narrative, Picaresque Fictions: A Theory and Research Guide, Author: Ulrich Wicks
Title: Queer Fictions of the Past: History, Culture, and Difference, Author: Scott Bravmann
Title: Between Terror and Freedom: Philosophy, Politics, and Fiction Speak of Modernity, Author: Simona Goi
Title: Cultural Institutions of the Novel / Edition 1, Author: Deidre Lynch
Title: Coming to Terms: The Rhetoric of Narrative in Fiction and Film / Edition 1, Author: Seymour Chatman
Title: Open Secrets: Literature, Education, and Authority from J-J. Rousseau to J. M. Coetzee, Author: Michael Bell
Title: Theory of the Novel: A Historical Approach / Edition 1, Author: Michael McKeon
Title: The New Man, Masculinity and Marriage in the Victorian Novel / Edition 1, Author: Tara MacDonald
Title: Politics and the Novel, Author: Irving Howe
Title: American Theorists of the Novel: Henry James, Lionel Trilling and Wayne C. Booth / Edition 1, Author: Peter Rawlings
Title: Bringing the Devil to His Knees: The Craft of Fiction and the Writing Life / Edition 1, Author: Charles Baxter
Title: Persuade Us to Rejoice: The Liberating Power of Fiction / Edition 1, Author: Robert McAfee Brown
Title: Studying the Novel / Edition 7, Author: Jeremy Hawthorn

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