Title: A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction / Edition 1, Author: Christopher Alexander
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Title: National Electrical Code 2017 ed, Author: NFPA
Title: Excavation and Grading Handbook, Author: Nick Capachi
Title: Carpentry and Construction, Sixth Edition / Edition 6, Author: Mark R. Miller
Title: 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, Author: Matthew Frederick
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Title: Traditional Construction Patterns: Design and Detail Rules-of-Thumb / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Mouzon
Title: Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Layout, Foundation, and Framing / Edition 7, Author: Mark Richard Miller
Title: National Electrical Code 2020 Handbook / Edition 1, Author: (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association
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Title: Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 2: Heating System Components, Gas and Oil Burners, and Automatic Controls / Edition 4, Author: James E. Brumbaugh
Title: The Pipe Fitter's and Pipe Welder's Handbook / Edition 1, Author: Thomas W. Frankland
Title: Fundamentals of HVACR / Edition 3, Author: Carter Stanfield
Title: Electrical Inspection Manual, 2014 Edition / Edition 5, Author: Noel Williams
Title: Ugly's Conduit Bending, 2020 Edition: 2020 Edition / Edition 3, Author: Alan W. Stanfield
Title: Complete Roofing Handbook: Installation, Maintenance, Repair / Edition 2, Author: James E. Brumbaugh
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Title: Ugly's Electrical References, 2020 / Edition 6, Author: Charles R. Miller
Title: Engineering Optics With Matlab® (Second Edition), Author: Ting-chung Poon
Title: National Contractor's Exam Study Guide / Edition 1, Author: R. Dodge Woodson
Title: Running a Successful Construction Company, Author: David Gerstel
Title: Residential Landscape Architecture: Design Process for the Private Residence / Edition 7, Author: Norman Booth
Title: Why Buildings Fall Down: Why Structures Fail, Author: Matthys Levy
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