Title: The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis, Author: Richard J. Heuer
Title: Looking at Looking: An Introduction to the Intelligence of Vision / Edition 1, Author: Theodore E. Parks
Title: Rules of the Mind / Edition 1, Author: John R. Anderson
Title: The Nature of Mathematical Thinking / Edition 1, Author: Robert J. Sternberg
Title: A Functional Theory of Cognition / Edition 1, Author: Norman H. Anderson
Title: Attention: Theory and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Addie Johnson
Title: Learner-Centered Design: A Cognitive View of Managing Complexity in Product, Information, and Envirommental Design / Edition 1, Author: Wayne Reeves
Title: Control Theory for Humans: Quantitative Approaches To Modeling Performance / Edition 1, Author: Richard J. Jagacinski
Title: Levels of Cognitive Development / Edition 1, Author: Tracy S. Kendler
Title: Cognition and Communication: Judgmental Biases, Research Methods, and the Logic of Conversation / Edition 1, Author: Norbert Schwarz
Title: The Future of the Cognitive Revolution / Edition 1, Author: David Johnson
Title: Control of Human Behavior, Mental Processes, and Consciousness: Essays in Honor of the 60th Birthday of August Flammer / Edition 1, Author: Walter J. Perrig
Title: Statistical and Process Models for Cognitive Neuroscience and Aging / Edition 1, Author: Michael J. Wenger
Title: Intentional Forgetting: Interdisciplinary Approaches / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan M. Golding
Title: Cognitive Ecology / Edition 2, Author: Morton P. Friedman
Title: Cognition, Computation, and Consciousness, Author: Masao Ito
Title: Category Specificity in Brain and Mind / Edition 1, Author: Emer Forde
Title: Philosophy and Connectionist Theory / Edition 1, Author: William Ramsey
Title: Neurolinguistics: An Introduction to Spoken Language Processing and its Disorders / Edition 1, Author: John C. L. Ingram
Title: Cognitive Science (Vol. 3), Author: Noel Sheehy

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