Title: Henry James and Modern Moral Life, Author: Robert B. Pippin
Title: Towards Reading Freud: Self-Creation in Milton, Wordsworth, Emerson, and Sigmund Freud / Edition 1, Author: Mark Edmundson
Title: Periodical Literature in Nineteenth-Century America / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth M. Price
Title: The Environmental Imagination: Thoreau, Nature Writing, and the Formation of American Culture / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence Buell
Title: Unexpected Places: Relocating Nineteenth-Century African American Literature, Author: Eric Gardner
Title: Representative Words: Politics, Literature, and the American Language, 1776-1865, Author: Thomas Gustafson
Title: Divergent Visions, Contested Spaces: The Early United States through Lens of Travel / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey Hotz
Title: Breaking Bounds: Whitman and American Cultural Studies / Edition 1, Author: Betsy Erkkila
Title: Transamerican Literary Relations and the Nineteenth-Century Public Sphere, Author: Anna Brickhouse
Title: Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wall-Paper: A Sourcebook and Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Catherine J. Golden
Title: Edgar Allen Poe / Edition 1, Author: Ian Walker
Title: Hawthorne's Romances: Social Drama and the Metaphor of Geometry / Edition 1, Author: Robert S. Friedman
Title: The Cambridge Companion to the African American Slave Narrative, Author: Audrey Fisch
Title: Picturing Ourselves: Photography and Autobiography / Edition 2, Author: Linda Haverty Rugg
Title: The Color of the Sky: A Study of Stephen Crane, Author: David Halliburton
Title: Motherhood and Representation: The Mother in Popular Culture and Melodrama / Edition 1, Author: E. Ann Kaplan
Title: Twelve Years a Slave: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Solomon Northup
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Title: Writing after War: American War Fiction from Realism to Postmodernism, Author: John Limon
Title: The Plight of Feeling: Sympathy and Dissent in the Early American Novel, Author: Julia A. Stern
Title: Neither Fugitive nor Free: Atlantic Slavery, Freedom Suits, and the Legal Culture of Travel, Author: Edlie L. Wong

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