Title: 2016 Presidential Election 120 (Edicao em portugues), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: Goblin Party, Author: Jacob Kilgore
Title: Choice, Author: E. L. Schoeman
Title: To Enter the Path (Vendrix Book 1), Author: Stephanie Flores
Title: The Bread Company, Author: Andrew Zellgert
Title: Krazy Dreamz, Author: C.B. Smith
Title: To Megalo Kai Thaumasto Taxidi Tou Astrou- Koukampouria, Author: Daphne Yakinthou
Title: Swing Educator's Guide, Author: Kwame Alexander
Title: Frost, Author: Kaitlyn Davis
#1 in Series
Title: BEYOND, Author: Maureen A. Miller
#1 in Series
Title: Knight of Cups: A Fae Magic Adventure, Author: Byrd Nash
Title: Evil Empire: Eden, Author: D W Firenze
Title: Pieces of Me, Author: Kira Adams
Title: Within These Lines Educator's Guide: Torn apart by war. Held together by hope., Author: Stephanie Morrill
Title: The Fate of Destiny (Fates #1), Author: Danielle Bourdon
Title: Minecraft: The Lost Minecraft Journals - School of Minecraft, Author: Terry Mayer
Title: Before We Say I Do, Author: Emerald Barnes
#2 in Series
Title: The Old Girl Goes Batty, Author: Rowlen Delaware Vanderstone III
Title: Oversight, Author: Dennis Batchelder
Title: Transmission (The Invasion ChroniclesBook One): A Science Fiction Thriller, Author: Morgan Rice
#1 in Series

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