Title: Caraval: Chapter Sampler, Author: Stephanie Garber
Title: Rainy Day with Sam and Bea, Author: Amanda Borenstadt
Title: The Shadows of Humanity, Author: Joshua Maurer
Title: Vampire Music 2, Author: M. A. Morse
2 in Series
Title: Bullies and Brigands and Wolves, Oh My!, Author: E.R. Dillon
Title: The Ring, Author: Giovanni Acevedo
Title: Return to Sender, Author: David J. Wighton
34 in Series
Title: On the Hooves of Horses, Author: Emma Taylor
Title: Barefoot in the Dunes, Author: Kate Everson
2 in Series
Title: Children of Blood and Bone: Goldener Zorn, Author: Tomi Adeyemi
Title: The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series #1), Author: Jessica Sorensen
Title: Chasing Forever Down, Author: Nikki Chartier
1 in Series
Title: Kiss, Author: Jalissa Pastorius
Title: The Black Joke, Author: David Bramhall
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Title: Through a Tangled Wood, Author: Jamie Campbell
Title: Damian's Assassin, Author: Lizzy Ford
2 in Series
Title: Alana Weatherbee (Book 1), Author: Jack Sorenson
Title: Princesse Poudrerie, Author: Alain Bezançon
Title: Fiscal Constraints, Author: A.D. McFadzean
Title: Til Queendom Come, Author: Cassandra Riedel
1 in Series

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