Title: Vienna, Author: E. L. Schoeman
Title: Vagabonds, Author: A. A. Woods
Title: Sticks and Stones, Author: Chalky MacLaan
Title: Mortal Danger, Chapters 1-5, Author: Ann Aguirre
Title: Shift, Author: Madison Dunn
Title: Deep Echoes, Author: Sean P. Wallace
Title: A Spark Of Magic: Chosen Saga Book One, Author: J. L. Clayton
Title: Freeway and the Vin Numbers, Author: Jack Chaucer
Title: The Bestial Cult of Hathor, Author: Matthew Sawyer
Title: Witches of Fate: The Fated Chronicles Book1, Awaken: Heirs of Magic. We Witches Three Book 1, Isle of Bones, Author: Humphrey Quinn
Title: The Waking Dark Chapter Sampler, Author: Robin Wasserman
Title: Average Joe's Success Rituals, Author: Joe Hinchliffe
Title: Celestial(ly), Author: T Swanepoel
Title: Llewellyn and the Powys Princess, Author: Kate Everson
Title: Michael L. Printz Sampler: Exclusive Candlewick Press Sampler, Author: Sally Gardner
Title: Escape, Author: Debbie Civil
Title: The Story of Awkward, Author: R. K. Ryals
Title: Tormenta de Arena, Author: Francine Zapater
Title: Beneath the Ever Trees, Author: Raf Morgan
Title: Over the Top and other stories, Author: Stone de Rouffignac

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