Title: Larimar: Gem of the Sea, Author: Christine E. Schulze
Title: #CincoDeMayo 110 (Edicion en espanol), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: E'steem: Faerie Tale, Author: Shawn James
Title: My Multiple Reflections (A Short Story), Author: Heather Hydrick
Title: Race To Sate, Author: Lori Meyer
Title: Freedom, Author: Angela Dorsey
Title: Coming Back to Kim, Author: Cameron Gallant
Title: Sun Catch Her, Author: Jo Huysamen
Title: Life on Mars?, Author: Francis Plestor
Title: The Mystic Rose, Author: Jayne Amanda Maynes
Title: Beyond the Veil, Author: Christine E. Schulze
Title: Stained, Author: Ella James
Title: Old Friend, Author: Matthew Stephens
Title: Purple Flowers; Or, How To Get Your Best Friend To Forgive You, Author: G. Wulfing
Title: The Lost Spells, Author: Anderson Atlas
Title: Sleeping Beauty (Special Edition), Author: C. S. Evans
Title: Sacrilege, Author: Nicole N. King
Title: Forsaken Among the Dead, Author: Priscilla M. Castro
Title: The Real Truth, Author: Zac Poonen
Title: Cat Love, Author: Kate Everson

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