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Title: The Answer at the X, Author: Ark Reynes
Title: Beyond the Veil, Author: Christine E. Schulze
Title: The Chellion Days, Author: A.S. Morrison
Title: The One New Thing, Author: Jos Pierce
#1 in Series
Title: The Cauldron Is Watching, Author: David J. Wighton
Title: Slaaf, Krijger, Koningin (Over Kronen en GlorieBoek 1), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: . ., Author: Youri Schvarzman
Title: The Adventures of Jake West, Author: William Manchee
Title: Unchanged, Chapters 1-5, Author: Jessica Brody
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Title: The Superfarter, Author: Cal Osborne
Title: The Dragon Lady of Hamilton High, Author: Lady Li Andre
Title: Dreams and Echoes, Author: Patti Larsen
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Title: A Dark Future, Author: Justin Elliott
Title: The Shadow Prince, Author: Stacey O'Neale
Title: Intuition, Author: Jen Meyers
Title: Solo amigos (Nunca digas nunca. Capítulo extra 3): Más allá del libro..., Author: Amy Lab
Title: Les plus meritants: Le fil de lepee Tome 1, Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Tales of Wind and Wolves, Author: Juliet Vane
#4 in Series
Title: 2016 Presidential Election 120 (Deutsche Ausgabe), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: The Beauty Scheme, Author: S.C.C.
by S.C.C.
#2 in Series

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