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Title: Rise of The Runners, Author: Paul Darden
Title: Small Town Witch, Author: Kristen S. Walker
#1 in Series
Title: Chuvas de Paixão, Author: Filipe M.
Title: Pirates of Savannah Trilogy: Book One, Sold in Savannah - Young Adult Action Adventure Historical Fiction, Author: Tarrin P. Lupo
Title: House of Swallows, Author: Jack Forge
Title: Awakening, Author: Leigh Walker
#1 in Series
Title: Olivia Twist Educator's Guide, Author: Lorie Langdon
Title: Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare for Everyone Else), Author: C.E.  Wilson
Title: The Great Escape Blues: A Last Chances Academy Short Story, Author: Parker Avrile
Title: E'steem: Faerie Tale, Author: Shawn James
Title: Cape Cod Blues, Author: T. J. Robertson
Title: Taking Chances, Author: Nancy Pennick
#4 in Series
Title: The Marcella II: A Young Adult Urban Fantasy, Author: Eva Pohler
Title: The true tale of the girl in the yellow dress, Author: Lienner Bankole
Title: Blazing Magic, Author: Ingrid Seymour
#1 in Series
Title: Whiter than Snow, Author: M. Marinan
Title: The Queen, Author: Lyssa Morasey
#3 in Series
Title: Circle of Arms (The Shades of Northwood 2), Author: Wendy Maddocks
Title: Tokyo Academy-First Contact, Author: Karin De Havin

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