Title: Sniffer & Tinni: A True Tale of Amazing Animal Friendship, Author: Berit Helberg
Title: Otis's Busy Day, Author: Loren Long
Title: Little Love Bug Follows her Heart on Valentine's Day, Author: Kari Brimhall
Title: The Rice Bag Hammock, Author: Shaeeza Haniff
Title: Ira Crumb Makes a Pretty Good Friend, Author: Naseem Hrab
Title: Die kleine Wolke KITA-Version dt./engl.: Little cloud, Author: Petra Lahnstein
Title: A Halloween Story, Author: Ethelle Gladden
Title: Bear's Winter Party, Author: Deborah Hodge
Title: Die kleine Wolke KITA-Version dt./türk.: Kücük Bulut, Author: Petra Lahnstein
Title: A Burp Cloth Named Emmet, Author: barbara cook
Title: Lucy the Dog that Looks Like a Pig, Author: Casey Crayne
Title: Friendship Dragon, Author: Dasha Elin Zerboni
Title: Friends For Kupo, Author: Albert Villa
Title: The Magic Words, Author: Anna Prokos
Title: Chug The Bug: Chug Makes New Friends, Author: Brent Angie
Title: Squid and Pickles, Author: Jeff Dinardo
Title: The Power of Bystanders: Willie Bohanon and Friends Learn to Handle Bullying Like a B.O.S.S., Author: Kip ''Mr. J'' Jones
Title: Millie and Cupcake, Author: mildred potash
Title: Zero and One, Author: Jeff Byington
Title: Let's Bee Friends, Author: Anna Prokos

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