Title: Women of Courage, Author: Mary Kay J. D. Green
Title: Children of Divorce, Author: J.L. Despert
Title: Living with Chronic Neurologic Disease: A Handbook for Patient and Family, Author: Irving Spencer Cooper M.D.
Title: The Bereaved Parent, Author: Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
Title: Stronger than Death: When Suicide Touches Your Life, Author: Sue Chance
Title: Battered Woman, Author: Lenore E. Walker
Title: Overcoming Jealousy and Possessiveness, Author: Paul A. Hauck
Title: Sexually Victimized Children, Author: David Finkelhor
Title: Understanding Mourning: A Guide for Those Who Grieve, Author: Glen W. Davidson
Title: Devotions for the Divorcing, Author: William E. Thompson
Title: Intervention: How to Help Someone Who Doesn't Want Help, Author: Vernon E Johnson
Title: Aphasia, My World Alone / Edition 1, Author: Helen H. Wulf
Title: Struggle for Intimacy, Author: Janet   G. Woititz EdD
Title: Pastoral Care Of Battered Women, Author: Rita-Lou Clarke
Title: Marriage On The Rocks: Learning to Live with Yourself and an Alcoholic, Author: Janet   G. Woititz EdD
Title: Stage II Relationships: Love Beyond Addiction, Author: Earnie Larsen
Title: Lament for a Son, Author: Nicholas Wolterstorff
Title: Is Alcoholism Hereditary?: One in Six Families in America Is Affected by Alcoholism. Here Is the Answer to Their Most Pressing Question, Author: Donald W. Goodwin M.D.
Title: The Law Of Jealousy, Author: Adriana Destro
Title: When Your Child is Afraid, Author: Robert Schachter

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