Title: What If It's True?: A Storyteller's Journey with Jesus, Author: Charles Martin
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Title: Just Like Jesus: A Heart Like His, Author: Max Lucado
Title: The End of Religion: Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus, Author: Bruxy Cavey
Title: Jesus Wars: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Would Believe for the Next 1,500 years, Author: John Philip Jenkins
Title: Creation and the Cross: The Mercy of God for a Planet in Peril, Author: Elizabeth A Johnson
Title: Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism, Author: David Fideler
Title: From Jesus to Christ: The Origins of the New Testament Images of Christ, Author: Paula Fredriksen
Title: Jesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture, Author: Jaroslav Pelikan
Paperback from $15.22 $20.00 Current price is $15.22, Original price is $20.00.
Title: Six Hours One Friday: Living in the Power of the Cross, Author: Max Lucado
Title: The Dawning of Indestructible Joy: Daily Readings for Advent, Author: John Piper
Title: The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions, Author: Marcus J. Borg
Title: The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, Author: Thomas Jefferson
Title: Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth A. Johnson
Title: Arius: Heresy and Tradition, Author: Rowan Williams
Paperback $37.35 $41.50 Current price is $37.35, Original price is $41.50.
Title: The Crucified God: 40th Anniversay Edition, Author: Jurgen Moltmann
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Title: Jesus Now and Then, Author: Richard A. Burridge
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Title: A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel, Author: Bradley Jersak
Title: Husband, Father, Worker: Questions & Answers About Saint Joseph, Author: Larry Toschi OSJ
Title: The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus's Crucifixion, Author: N. T. Wright
Title: Is Jesus Truly God?: How the Bible Teaches the Divinity of Christ, Author: Greg Lanier

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