Title: Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS, Britain's Secret Special Forces Unit That Sabotaged the Nazis and Changed the Nature of War, Author: Ben Macintyre
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Title: Quartered Safe Out Here: A Harrowing Tale of World War II, Author: George MacDonald Fraser
Title: Command or Control?: Command, Training and Tactics in the British and German Armies, 1888-1918 / Edition 1, Author: Dr Martin Samuels
Title: Immediate Action, Author: Andy McNab
Title: Patton, Montgomery, Rommel: Masters of War, Author: Terry Brighton
Title: The River War by Winston S. Churchill, History, Author: Winston S. Churchill
Title: The One That Got Away: My SAS Mission Behind Enemy Lines, Author: Chris Ryan
Title: A Prince of Our Disorder: The Life of T. E. Lawrence / Edition 1, Author: John E. Mack
Title: Apache: Inside the Cockpit of the World's Most Deadly Fighting Machine, Author: Ed Macy
Title: Brutal Virtue: The Myth and Reality of Banastre Tarleton, Author: Anthony Scotti
Title: Redcoats: The British Soldier and War in the Americas, 1755-1763, Author: Stephen Brumwell
Title: Undertones of War, Author: Edmund Blunden
Title: Soldier 'I': The story of an SAS Hero, Author: Michael Paul Kennedy
Title: When Shall their Glory Fade?: The Stories of the Thirty-Eight Battle Honours of the Army Commandos, Author: James Dunning
Title: Communications and British Operations on the Western Front, 1914-1918, Author: Brian N. Hall
Title: Another Man's War: The Story of a Burma Boy in Britain's Forgotten African Army, Author: Barnaby Phillips
Title: Douglas Haig and the First World War, Author: J. P. Harris
Title: He Who Dares: Recollections of Service in the SAS, SBS and MI5, Author: David Sutherland
Title: Wellington: The Path to Victory 1769-1814, Author: Rory Muir
Title: From Boer War to World War: Tactical Reform of the British Army, 1902-1914, Author: Spencer Jones

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