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Forty Dead Men Book Cover Image
Forty Dead Men

by Donis Casey

Some people who have experienced a shocking, dangerous, or terrifying event develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is recognized today as a debilitating but potentially treatable mental health condition. Military veterans are a vulnerable group. But PTSD can deliver a knockout blow to anyone, as the remarkable unfolding of the tenth Alafair Tucker Mystery, Forty Dead Men, shows. 


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Omega Protocol Book Cover Image
Omega Protocol

by Fredric Shernoff

The shocking events that ended Rising Tide continue into the final book of the Atlantic Island Trilogy! Daniel Wells and Thomas Borgia of "The Traveler" have arrived on the island with dire news: the multiversal policing agency has enacted the Omega Protocol- a plan to annihilate the island and all its inhabitants!Theo, Kylee and the other survivors will set out on a journey through time and the multiverse to find the key to stopping the MMEA and saving the people of Atlantic Island for good. Will the survivors return home?


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