Title: Gun Runner, Author: Larry Correia
Title: The Primus Initiative, Author: Robert Davies
Title: Out Past the Stars, Author: K. B. Wagers
Title: BattleTech: Paid in Blood, Author: Michael J. Ciaravella
Title: BattleTech: Fall From Glory, Author: Randall N. Bills
Title: Lost Colony Uprising Boxed Set, Author: Darcy Troy Paulin
Title: BattleTech: Shrapnel Issue #4, Author: Philip A. Lee
Title: Galactic Thunder, Author: Cameron Cooper
Title: Stellar Storm, Author: Cameron Cooper
Title: Junkyard Dog Collection 3, Author: Charley Marsh
Title: White Wing, Author: Shariann Lewitt
Title: Destroyer of Worlds, Author: Cameron Cooper
Title: The Fold Series Box Set Books 1-3, Author: Nick Adams
Title: Junkyard Dog Collection 2, Author: Charley Marsh
Title: AORATOSIA, Author: J.M. Manyanga
Title: Tyger Bright, Author: T. C. Mccarthy
Title: THE GANGSTER, Author: Scott Sigler
Title: Riven Worlds: Volume One, Author: G. S. Jennsen
Title: Junkyard Dog Collection 4, Author: Charley Marsh
Title: Wild Sun: Unbound, Author: Ehsan Ahmad

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