Title: A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween, Author: S.E. Smith
Title: Supervolcano: Things Fall Apart, Author: Harry Turtledove
Title: The Emperor's Fist: A Blackhawk Novel, Author: Jay Allan
Title: Apogee, Author: G. S. Jennsen
Title: Death's Bright Day, Author: David Drake
Title: Against the Tide, Author: John Ringo
Title: Kildar, Author: John Ringo
Title: In My Head, Author: Alicia Rades
Title: Heart of Gold, Author: Sharon Shinn
Title: Zombie, Illinois: A Novel, Author: Scott Kenemore
Title: Agents of Influence, Author: Dayton Ward
Title: Starman Jones, Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Title: Caine's Mutiny (Caine Riordan Series #4), Author: Charles E. Gannon
Title: Rules of Engagement, Author: Elizabeth MOON
Title: Spectacular Tales: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection, Author: The Indie Collaboration
Title: Ashes, Author: Chris Hechtl
Title: Chronicles of Athena Lee Omnibus #1, Author: T. S. Paul
Title: Ingathering: The Complete People Stories, Author: Zenna Henderson
Title: Dhalgren, Author: Samuel R. Delany
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Title: Miasma, Author: Greg Cox

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