Title: Dirty Deeds, Author: R.J. Blain
Title: In the Land of Leadale, Vol. 2 (light novel), Author: Ceez
by Ceez
Title: The Plainswalker, Author: M. A. Rothman
Title: The Fiends of Nightmaria, Author: Steven Erikson
Title: Mama Akuma, Vol. 1, Author: Kuzushiro
Title: Cataclysm, Books 1-4, Author: Ann Gimpel
Title: Junkyard Dog Collection 4, Author: Charley Marsh
Title: A Certain Magical Index SS, Vol. 2 (light novel), Author: Kazuma Kamachi
Title: Junkyard Dog Collection 3, Author: Charley Marsh
Title: The Best of Walter Jon Williams, Author: Walter Jon Williams
Title: Never Have I Ever, Author: Isabel Yap
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Title: The Best of Elizabeth Hand, Author: Elizabeth Hand
Title: The Avant Champion (Fantasy Adventure Digital Box Set 1), Author: C. B. Samet
Title: The Wordsmith, Author: Barbara Howe
Title: The Spear of Malice (War of the Archons 3), Author: R.S. Ford
Title: Everison, Author: M. E. Wise
Title: Brilliant Thief, Author: Cameryn Cortese
Title: Finding, Author: Kristine Kahtryn Rusch
Title: Traversing The Void, Author: Rudy Alleyne
Title: Big Babies And Their Mummies (Vol 3), Author: Colin Milton

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