Title: The Chronicles of Time, Author: Ellen Elizabeth Dudley
Title: Sever the Crown Complete Vampire Romance Series, Author: Lindsey R. Loucks
Title: Gold and Fire, Author: J. R. Castle
Title: Strange Stories II, Author: Roger Mannon
Title: Fateful Time, Author: Stephanie Flynn
Title: Ship Of Theseus, Author: Jeremiah Strickland
Title: Secrets of the Golden Hourglass, Author: Jr. William Christ H
Title: Saira & the King of Dreams, Author: Natalie Grey
Title: Time After Time, Author: Allen Appel
Title: Back To You, Author: Steve Bates
Title: Awakened Beasts (Awakened Spells Book Five), Author: Logan Byrne
Title: Das Dschungelbuch, Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: The Dragon's Zenith, Author: Jason F Boggs
Title: Impossible Gold, Author: Ronald K. Myers
Title: Murder on the Golden Halo, Author: W. H. Beswick
Title: The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur, Author: Howard Pyle
Title: Dark Nebula: Discovery, Author: Sean Willson
Title: The Daughter of Aurum (The Heir of Aurum, #2), Author: Katherine J. Sinclair
Title: Head Case, Author: E. R. Paskey
Title: Sky Kingdom, Author: Bradley Alexander

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