Title: Vicious, Author: Lindsey R. Loucks
Title: Kimberly Rose, Author: K. Hippolite
Title: Black Magic, Author: Juliet Waldron
Title: Lonely and Precocious, Author: Erika Hammerschmidt
Title: Demons of Our Nature, Author: Stacey Osvett
Title: In Love with an Alien Shifter, Author: Pascia Thrall
Title: The Origin of the Sky, Author: Chelsea Herrington
Title: Border Planet, Author: Tami Veldura
Title: A Death in Passing, Author: Karen L. Abrahamson
Title: North Wind, Author: Gwyneth Jones
Title: Quantum Entanglement, Author: Liesel K. Hill
Title: The God Makers, Author: Guy Estes
Title: The Iron Heel, Author: Jack London
Title: Orlando, Author: Virginia Woolf
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Title: Paranormal Activity, Trapped In Shadowland, Author: Sherri Granato
Title: The Outrageous Outlaw, Author: Robert Collins
Title: The Melding of Aeris, Author: D. Wallce Peach
Title: InstaFall of U.S.A., Author: Ben Compani
Title: Zeus (An Alien Romance Story), Author: T. J. Brandow
Title: Vengeance, Author: Brenda Huber

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