Title: The Firestones, Author: Samantha Allard
Title: El nuevo rumbo de Bill Scoutt, Author: Xavier Marturet
Title: Ten Little Demons, Author: Sam Stone
Title: His Clockwork Canary: The Glorious Victorious Darcys, Author: Beth Ciotta
Title: Camera Obscura (Bookman Histories Series #2), Author: Lavie Tidhar
Title: Clockwork angels: Os anjos do tempo, Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Title: Steampunk'd, Author: Jean Rabe
Title: Frank Reade Junior With His New Steam Man In Mexico, Author: Luis Senarens
Title: Hearts of Smoke and Steam, Author: Andrew Mayer
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Title: Frank Reade Junior With His New Steam Horse In The Great American Desert, Author: Luis Senarens
Title: Steamfunk!, Author: Milton Davis
Title: Fire Aloft: Revenge of the Aero-Pyrates, Author: Rev DiCerto
Title: Night of the Dying Moon, Author: Louisa Swann
Title: The Grand Tour, Author: E. Catherine Tobler
Title: The Cycle, Author: A.R. Knight
Title: Our Lady of the Ice, Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Title: Spandrel, Author: M C Masters
Title: Faux Scent, Author: Chaaya Chandra
Title: Lightbringers and Rainmakers, Author: Felix Gilman
Title: Hope, Tears, Steam, Gears, Author: Gregory L Norris

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