Title: Lincoln, Author: Crystal Dawn
Title: The Bared Heart, Author: Jon Jacks
Title: Chasing Aledwen, Author: Laura Greenwood
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Title: Stars and Gods (Dragon Reign Box Set, #3), Author: Kit Bladegrave
Title: Midnight Storm (Alaska Alphas, #5), Author: Boone Brux
Title: Black Spring, Author: Christina Henry
Title: Under His Wing, Author: Mandy M. Roth
Title: For Your Werewolf Only, Author: V. Vaughn
Title: The Mating Magic, Werewolves of Montana Book 13, Author: Bonnie Vanak
Title: The Van Helsing Paradox (The Clara Grey Adventures, #1), Author: Evelyn Chartres
Title: Sealed with a Kiss, Author: Crystal Dawn
Title: I Am The Night, Author: Rachel E. Rice
Title: Blood Bath & Beyond (The Sarah Dearly Series, #1), Author: Michelle Rowen
Title: Cast in Balefire (The Mage Craft Series, #4), Author: SM Reine
Title: Shifter Squad: Bundle 3, Author: J.C. Diem
Title: Jesslynn (Vampire Morsels), Author: Joleene Naylor
Title: Blood Web: A Blood Curse Novel, Author: Tessa Dawn
Title: The Turning: Book Two of The Medici Warrior Series, Author: Emily Bex
Title: 3 Times a Charm, Author: Jb Lynn
Title: Hard as a Rock (Gargoyles Series #3), Author: Christine Warren

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