Title: Daughter of the Red Dawn (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada, #1), Author: Alicia Michaels
Title: Hidden Blade (Soul Eater #1), Author: Pippa DaCosta
Title: The Red King, Author: Jenn Stark
Title: Enchanted Chaos (Enchanted Detectives Series, #1), Author: Jessica Sorensen
Title: A Symphony of Howls, Author: Val St. Crowe
Title: Forgotten Scars (Scars of Days Forgotten Series, #1), Author: Natalie J. Reddy
Title: Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador world: Book 1, Author: Dianna Love
Title: Dark Descent, Author: Nicole R. Taylor
Title: Lights, Camera, Action, Author: Heather Silvio
Title: The Revelation of Light and Dark, Author: Sawyer Bennett
Title: Adventures of a Vegan Vamp, Author: Cate Lawley
Title: Her Dear & Loving Husband, Author: Meredith Allard
Title: The Hunted, Author: Jessica Gunn
Title: Dragon Spell (Fated Touch Book 1), Author: Mac Flynn
Title: Sevan, Author: Mandy M. Roth
Title: The Shadow Reader, Author: Sandy Williams
Title: Pure (Book 1, Pure Series), Author: Catherine Mesick
Title: Evermore (The Queen's Alpha Series, #4), Author: W.J. May
Title: Lost Souls (Mending Magic Series, #1), Author: W.J. May
Title: A Vampire's Fate (The Chronicles of Fate's Vampire, #1), Author: Rhiannon Futch

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