Title: Remeon's Crusade, Author: J. W. Garrett
Title: The Day Is Ous, Author: Margaret Weis
Title: Black Colossus, Author: Robert E. Howard
Title: The Oversight, Author: Charlie Fletcher
Title: The Oldest Soul - Animus, Author: Tiffany FitzHenry
Title: The Witch Doctor, Author: Christopher Stasheff
Title: The Devil Lancer, Author: Astrid Amara
Title: Second Chances (Love in Time Book Three), Author: Cate Dean
Title: Thorn, Author: Fred Saberhagen
Title: Writing Subtext: How to craft subtext that develops characters, boosts suspense, and reinforces theme, Author: Elizabeth Lyon
Title: The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath: From the Peculiar Adventures of John Lovehart, Esq., Volume 1, Author: Ishbelle Bee
Title: Disciple of the Wind (Fated Blades Series #3), Author: Steve Bein
Title: Lady of Magick, Author: Sylvia Izzo Hunter
Title: Morna's Magic, Author: Bethany Claire
Title: Adventures With Heart, Author: A.W. Exley
Title: The Shadow Palace, Author: Celine Jeanjean
Title: Death Masque, Author: P. N. Elrod
Title: Empire of Unreason, Author: Greg Keyes
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Title: Druid's Sword (Troy Game Series #4), Author: Sara Douglass
Title: Tomorrow: A Novel, Author: Damian Dibben

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