Title: Winds of War, Author: Stephen Zimmer
Title: Unbalanced, Author: Ann Gimpel
Title: Stella of Akrotiri: Origins, Author: Linda Rae Sande
Title: Das Lied von Mond und Sonne (The Moon and the Sun), Author: Vonda N. McIntyre
Title: Flames of Valor, Author: Rey Clark
Title: Light Beyond The Storm Chronicles - Erana Boxed Set, Author: A. L. Butcher
Title: The Substance of a Dream, Author: Francis William Bain
Title: The Ring of the Dwarf, Author: Richard Wagner
Title: A World Of Words, Author: Rafael Lopez
Title: Gold and Fire, Author: J. R. Castle
Title: Fire Cursed, Author: J.E. Taylor
Title: Shinigami, Il Dio Della Morte, Author: Xia Xia Lake
Title: Go Quest Young Man, Author: K. B. Bogen
Title: From Wind to Water, Author: Laura Novack
Title: The Death Chronicles II, Author: J. E. Taylor
Title: Feeding Fersia, Author: L. S. O'dea
Title: Half a Huntress, Author: Thea Atkinson
Title: American Gods (German-language Edition), Author: Neil Gaiman
Title: Quest for a Hero, Author: AJ Cooper
Title: Wolves Of The Gods, Author: Allan Cole

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