Title: The Sweetest Poison, Author: Suzan Harden
Title: Kari's Reckoning, Author: D. Wallce Peach
Title: The Cantrill Book One, Author: K. Raymond Zabielski
Title: Order in Chaos, Author: Carol Hightshoe
Title: The Immortal, Author: Christian Oliverio
Title: The Laughing Gods, Author: Wilbur Arron
Title: Warrior Rising, Author: Ann Shaw
Title: Izaryle's Prison, Author: Levi Samuel
Title: Terin Ostler and the War of the Words, Author: Michael A. Ventrella
Title: Eternal Dynasties New Beginnings, Author: Travis Wooden
Title: The Forest of Allund, Author: Wilbur Arron
Title: Voidoxity, Author: James L.P. Thompson
Title: The Reckoning, Author: Kayla Knue
Title: The Old Man's Tale, Author: Ian Curwood
Title: Farlanders' Law, Author: D. Wallce Peach
Title: Well of Solitude (Fortunes of Fate, 7), Author: Alexa Grave
Title: The Hour of the Dragon, Author: Robert E. Howard
Title: Shadow's Oath, Author: Moira Katson
Title: Swordsman of the Rift, Vol. 1, Author: Brandon Varnell
Title: Song of Parting, Author: Beth Ball

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